Daleel Al-Khair

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Holding legal courses in the modern school

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الرميثية مركز السعد ق11 ش معاذ بن جبل بجانب مطاحن الدقيق الكويتية

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From Date: 08/10/2022 | Time: 04:30 PM
To Date: 28/12/2022 | Time: 08:00 PM

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Al Saad Center for Prophetic Hadith

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Text of Al-Ajrūmiyyah c 2 Mrs/ Umm Muhannad Sunan al-Tirmidhi (Asceticism) Sunan Abu Dawood (medicine) Dr.. Shatha Al-Abed Research methods + manuscript Dr.. Mr. Ibrahim The Collector of Science and Governance, Volume 2, Explanation of the Forty-Nawawi Dr.. Nahed Al-Shahman The study has the right to participate in more than one course or all courses One session 10 K.D