Daleel Al-Khair

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Quranic day (2) for distinguished students

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مركز الإمام الشاطبي( مسجد ضاحية جابر العلي)

Event Date and Time:
From Date: 03/12/2022 | Time: 08:00 AM
To Date: 03/12/2022 | Time: 08:00 PM

Organizer Name:
Department of Studies and Qur’anic Sciences in Al-Ahmadi and Mubarak Al-Kabeer Governorates

Event Description:
In the centers of Imam Al-Shatibi, Ibn Al-Jazari and Abu Musa Al-Ash'ari Under the slogan "Read the Qur'an" It is an intensive Qur'anic program through which it aims to establish memorization and the ability to list as much as possible of what has been preserved Entry conditions: - To be among the students who have completed or are close to completing memorizing the Qur’an in the following centers: Imam Al-Shatibi Center (Jaber Al-Ali), (Al-Adan), Imam Ibn Al-Jazari Center only. - Recommendation of the sheikh of the circle to the student. Quranic day for males only. Breakfast and lunch buffet Distribution of prizes and gifts Honoring the distinguished For registration: please contact the sheikh of the circle in each center