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Bait Al-Othman Museum


Bait Al-Othman Museum
Bait Al-Othman is a historic museum in Kuwait located in Hawalli. It was opened in 2013 as it was built with an area of 9454m2. after a governmental decision in 2011. 
It's considered one of the most important cultural sites as it owned by the late Abdullah Al Othman.
It includes many old houses surrounded by high walls and pavements around the building 157-room – 16 kitchens – 61 bathrooms. Eighty percent of the house built by cement and Iron reinforced concrete used to build the column. 
There are mini museums within it such as the Kuwait Drama Museum, Kuwait House Museum, Heritage Hall, Kuwaiti market, and Journey of Life Museum. 
All the walls have a thickness of not less than 45 cm and an armed fence work under each wall. A high wall built around the building with relatively different colors, due to the addition of buildings and houses over time.
Bait Al-Othman renovated now by the Kuwait Heritage Team, which has preserved noteworthy and historical artifacts of the country in its embellishing refurbished rooms.