Daleel Al-Khair

Kuwait Police Museum


Kuwait Police Museum  
One of the newly built sites in Kuwait consisting of tools and documents related to Kuwaiti police since the day it was established 50 years ago. The building was the police station of Bneid Al-Gar before it was turned into a museum on Feb 20, 2014 by the National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters.
Kuwaiti passports of different generations are on display .Other documents include identification cards and driving licenses, in addition to archive documents and identification papers. There are also old license plates in different colors.
he museum displays police tools and equipment including guns, pistols, revolvers, swords and the different uniforms worn by policemen in various periods from the 1930s. The first uniforms included the traditional ‘shmagh’ headdress, followed by the ‘ghutra’, which in turn was replaced by the beret. 
Before entering the museum, visitors can enjoy the scene of  various old Kuwaiti police patrol cars, from the oldest vehicle to later models. A bomb disposal robot can also be seen in front of the museum.